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Open PKPASS File

PKPASS is a type of file created by Apple for its Passbook application, released on iOS 6, which allows you to save concert tickets, boarding passes, coupons, movie tickets or any other type of pass digitally. In summary, PKPASS is a file that contains information as if it were a physical entry.

Normally, these files contain confirmation codes, login data, balances and other similar information. In addition, they are usually accompanied by images, logos and a mandatory digital signature. If you want to open PKPASS file and see its contents without installing anything, you can rename the extension PKPASS to ZIP and then use an app to extract the files.

PKPASS, therefore, a compressed file that contains in its interior everything necessary to generate the ticket or the loyalty card. In practice this involves several PNG images, JSON files and other elements.

But you should consider that the content of the PKPASS file is encrypted to prevent you from modifying it for convenience, except for some of its components such as images included in the ticket or some of the texts. With this, companies ensure that you cannot manipulate the content or what they are giving you in that file, avoiding forgeries.

Therefore, with the files themselves there is not much you can do at the user level. They have been designed so that the only thing they serve is to open it in compatible applications such as Wallet. Initially it could only be used in iOS with this application, although as you will see now there are already methods to use them in Android.

The methods of distribution of PKPASS files online or offline are several: it can be within applications, through websites, on social platforms, using SMS, MMS, email and, as you can imagine, with QR codes or barcodes. The file consists of a template, a private key and a package of the appropriate data.

Programs that support the PKPASS file extension

The programs that can open PKPASS online or offline file are available for two operating systems that support them. Files with the PKPASS suffix can be copied to any mobile device or system platform, but it may not be possible to open them correctly on the destination system. You can open PKPASS file correctly on the following operating systems:

  • Android: using Passwallet app
  • iOS: using Passbook app

There are also a number of viewers such as PassAndroid for the Android operating system.

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If you are not able to open file with certain file extension make sure to check if extension for the file is correct. It is possible that information in the file doesn't match file extension.

File Extension Info

PKPASS Quick Info
  Apple Wallet File
Opens with
  Apple Passbook
  Google Passwallet
  PassAndroid Passbook Viewer